Instructions for Presentations

Time Allotment:

Paper and extended abstract presentations are allotted 12 minutes each.
Invited presentations are allotted 25 minutes each.

12-minute time limits will be enforced by a bell.

Workshop Spirit:

In the spirit of a workshop, we would like to encourage discussion
and debate. Therefore, the presenters should spend less time describing
their system or formulation; instead, we ask that authors provide insights
about open challenges and fundamental questions presented by the long-term
detection and tracking (LTDT) problem, appropriate evaluation metrics in
LTDT, results on LTDT datasets, and needed work in foundations for LTDT.

Workshop participants are encouraged also to bring demos of their working
LTDT systems, and include these in their talks, so that the discussion can
be framed around both strengths and weaknesses of currently available
methods when confronted with the challenges of LTDT.

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