9:05 — Opening

9:10 — Invited speaker: Christoph Lampert

9:45 — Invited speaker: Peter Meier

10:15 — 10:45 — Coffee break

10:45 — Invited Abstracts

  1. “Persistent People Tracking and Face Capture Over a Wide Area”, Yinghao Cai and Gérard Medioni
  2. “Tracklet Association in Detect-then-track Paradigm for Long-term Multi-Person Tracking”, Bing Wang, Gang Wang, Kap Luk Chan, and Li Wang
  3. “On Fast Trackers that are Robust to Partial Occlusions”, Lu Zhang, Hamdi Dibeklioglu  and Laurens Van der Maaten.

11:30 —  LTDT Dataset Papers

  1. “Quantitative Evaluation of Matrioska Tracking Algorithm with LTDT2014 Dataset”, Mario Maresca and Alfredo Petrosino
  2. “On-line Video Motion Estimation by Invariant Receptive Inputs” ,Marco Gori, Marco Lippi, Marco Maggini, and Stefano Melacci

12:00 — 13:30 Lunch

13:30 — Invited speaker: Arnold Smeulders

14:00 — Panel discussion

14:45 — Wrap-up

Best presenting speaker

The best presenting speaker will receive a Nvidia Jetson TK1 development kit


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