smArt: Open and Interactive Indoor Cultural Data

smArt is a low-cost framework to quickly set up indoor exhibits featuring a smart navigation system for museums.

The framework is web-based and allows the design on a digital map of a sensorized museum environment and the dynamic and assisted definition of the multimedia materials and sensors associated to the artworks.

The knowledge-base uses semantic technologies and it is ex-ploited by museum visitors to get directions and to have multimedia insights in a natural way.

Indoor localisation and routing is provided taking advantage of active and passive sensors advertisements and user interactions. In this way we overcome the Global Positioning System (GPS) un-availability issue in indoor environments.

The system will be presented at ACM Multimedia 2015, Brisbane, Australia in the Demos Track.

The system started as a project developed by the students Riccardo Del Chiaro, Franco Yang, Maurizio Sanesi and Alberto Merciai as final work for the Bachelor of Art at the Faculty of Engineering of University of Florence under the supervision of prof. Alberto Del Bimbo, and his assistants Andrea Ferracani and Daniele Pezzatini.

The work was born from an idea by Andrea Ferracani and Daniele Pezzatini, researchers at MICC and prof. Alberto Del Bimbo collaborators.

About Andrea Ferracani

I'm an interaction designer and an intelligent web applications developer. My research interests focus on machine learning, collective intelligence, rich internet applications, social networks analysis and the semantic web.

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