A Natural and Immersive Virtual Interface for the Surgical Safety Checklist Training

The system is a prototype of a serious game developed in the contest of the RIMSI project, funded by Regione Toscana, about the study, experimentation and development of training systems and validation protocols of procedures in medicine through the use of interactive simulation techniques.

The system provides an Immersive Virtual Environment which users can control in order to train and practice users in the accomplishment of the World Health Organization (WHO) Surgical Checklist, proposed in 2009, in order to reduce the risks of surgical crisis during a medical operation. It adopts natural interaction via gestures and voice. The system de facto acts as the ‘checklist coordinator’ of the surgical team, and allows the three actors responsible for the operation (Surgeon, Nurse and the Anesthesiologist) to train and carry out all the procedure as virtual avatars.

The natural interface has been developed by Andrea Ferracani and Daniele Pezzatini, researcher at MICC under the supervision of Prof. Alberto Del Bimbo.

The game and the 3D immersive interface have been developed within the Unity3D environment using both C# and JavaScript programming languages to add interactivity support. The Interactive Detection Module exploits Microsoft Kinect SDK to detect users’s interactions. It is develop with C# language and uses a network socket to communicate with the main program. Scenes and characters have been created with Autodesk Maya.

This work in progress will be presented during the Workshop on Serious Games at ACM Multimedia 2014, that will be held in Orlando, Florida in November 2014.

About Andrea Ferracani

I'm an interaction designer and an intelligent web applications developer. My research interests focus on machine learning, collective intelligence, rich internet applications, social networks analysis and the semantic web.

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