This project aims to develop a web-based AJAX EPG (Electronic Program Guide) that stores the settings and preferences of the user in a XML format. It’s possible to store favourites channel from a huge list and to register some programs. Moreover the software can manage possible conflicts of overlapped registrations given the possibility to resolve these conflicts.

Involved Technologies: C, Jquery, Visual Studio, XML.

Year: 2008.

See the live demo below:



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Iacopo Masi was born on September 6, 1983 in Florence. He received a laurea degree in computer engineering from the University of Florence, with a thesis on "Feature-based Localization and Mapping of Wide Areas with a PTZ Camera" in 2009. He's currently working at Visual Information and Media Lab at Media Integration and Communication Center, University of Florence. His main research interests are focused on application of pattern recognition and computer vision specifically in the field of video-surveillance.
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