My name is Daniele Pezzatini and I do research on Human Computer Interaction, Social Networks and Multimedia.

I'm currently a research fellow at Media Integration and Communication Center (MICC) of the University of Florence. You can find a list of my publications on my Google Scholar profile.
In this page you can find a list of my recent works related to my reasearch topics and some material from my teaching activity.

Recent Works

Teaching material

Here you can find some of teaching material and code examples I've used in the last years

Multimedia Design and Prodution

University of Florence

  • Server side development with PHP - PDF
  • Example of code for a CRUD application in PHP - ZIP
  • Mobile web application - PDF
  • Exampe of code of a mobile web application - ZIP

Master in Multimedia Content Design

University of Florence

  • Server Side development - PHP code examples - ZIP
  • Getting started with Node.js - PDF
  • Real time game with Node.js and Create.js- ZIP

Get In Touch

Here is my office address and my contacts. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any request or collaboration proposal

  • Address

    MICC - Lab B
    Viale Morgagni 65
    Florence, Italy
  • Phone

  • Email