About me

seideI received a Laurea degree in computer engineering (MSc) from the University of Florence, with a thesis on human action recognition in 2008. I obtained my PhD degree working at the Media Integration and Communication Center of University of Florence under the supervision of Prof. Alberto Del Bimbo with a thesis on “Supervised and Semi-supervised Event Detection with Local Spatio-Temporal Features” in 2012. I was a visiting scholar at Silvio Savarese Laboratory at University of Michigan (now at Stanford) from February 2013 till August 2013. I was a PostDoc at Visual Information and Media Lab at Media Integration and Communication Center of University of Florence untile January 2018.

Since March 2018 I’m an Assistant Professor at the University of Florence at the Department of Information Engineering.

My research interests are focused on application of pattern recognition and machine learning to computer vision and specifically in the field of human activity recognition.

My profile on  Google Scholar and Scopus.

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