Indexing Quantized Ensembles of Exemplar-SVMs with Rejecting Taxonomies accepted in Multimedia Tools and Applications

Ensembles of Exemplar-SVMs have been introduced as a framework for Object Detection but have rapidly found a large interest in a wide variety of computer vision applications such as mid-level feature learning, tracking and segmentation. To guarantee its effectiveness though, a large collection of classifiers has to be used which has a prohibitive cost. To overcome this issue we organize Exemplar-SVMs into a taxonomy, exploiting the joint distribution of Exemplar scores. This permits to index the classifiers at a logarithmic cost, while maintaining the label transfer capabilities of the method almost unaffected. We propose different formulations of the taxonomy in order to maximize the speed gain. In particular we propose a highly efficient Vector Quantized Rejecting Taxonomy to discard unpromising image regions during evaluation, performing computations in a quantized domain. This allow us to obtain ramarkable speed gains, with an improvement up to more than two orders of magnitude. To verify the robustness of our indexing data structure with reference to a standard Exemplar-SVM ensemble, we experiment with the Pascal VOC 2007 benchmark on the Object Detection competition and on a simple segmentation task.


Our paper is available in preprint !

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