• Weakly Aligned Multi-Part Bag-of-Poses [ src (86129 downloads) ] [ pdf ]
    This code implements our method to recognize actions in sequences of 3d body poses extracted for example with a Kinect. We use NBNN to compute a weak sequence-to-class alignment. See paper for details. Please cite the paper if you use the code.


  • Matlab video for Linux [ src] [ project home]
    Reading encoded (DiVX, XViD, h264 etc.) videos is not supported on Matlab (<R2011a) for Linux and MacOSX.This simple tool allows to read encoded videos and to capture streams from webcams using OpenCV. For Matlab versions ≥ R2011a it is possible to decode video files using the VideoReader class. Still this does not open webcam streams. If you already have OpenCV installed you may want to try also: mexopencv to exploit OpenCV features directly from Matlab.

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