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PTZ camera pose Recovery

Abstract: We propose a method for real time recovering from tracking failure in monocular localization and mapping with a Pan Tilt Zoom camera (PTZ). The method automatically detects and seamlessly recovers from tracking failure while preserving map integrity. By extending … Continue reading

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Logging of face imagery

Abstract Posterity logging in support of forensic analysis of video surveillance footage can be thought of as saving a compact, semantically relevant snapshot of a scene that might be relevant for future, postmortem analysis of an event or series of … Continue reading

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A metric for multiple target tracking A standard metric for evaluating the multiple target tracking algorithm is the CLEAR MOT. ┬áThis metric is described in the paper [1] . Details We provide the code that implements the metric CLER-MOT has … Continue reading

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This project aims to develop an efficient rule based extractor of references, located in scientific papers in English language. The application takes a pdf file or a directory of pdfs and then returns an html file, containing the list of … Continue reading

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