Accepted papers

Preliminary list of accepted papers is now available:

  • Paper 4: “Photo Recall: Using the Internet to Label Your Photos”, by Neeraj Kumar and Steve Seitz
  • Paper 2: “What is usual in unusual videos? Trajectory snippet histograms for discovering unusualness”, by Ahmet Iscen, Anil Armagan and Pinar Duygulu
  • Paper 6: “Streetscore – Predicting the Perceived Safety of One Million Streetscapes”, by Nikhil Naik, Jade Philipoom, Ramesh Raskar and Cesar Hidalgo
  • Paper 7: “A Stream Algebra for Computer Vision Pipelines”, by Mohamed Helala, Ken Pu and Faisal Qureshi
  • Paper 9: “Clustering Social Event Images using Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis”, by Unaiza Ahsan