ICPR 2020 – Call for Tutorial Proposals

The ICPR 2020 Organizing Committee invites proposals for tutorials in conjunction with the 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition.

These events will be held on September 13, 2020 (Sunday), immediately before the main conference.

We seek tutorials on core techniques, application areas and emerging research topics that are of
interest within the ICPR community.

A good tutorial should provide a broad introduction to the chosen research area as well as in-depth coverage on selected advanced topics. Proposals that focus exclusively on the presenters’ own work or commercial presentations are not eligible.

Guideline for submitting proposals

To propose a tutorial a PDF file containing the information outlined below must be sent to the
ICPR 2020 Tutorial Co-chairs (see at the end) by April 1st 2020.

The proposal should contain the following:

  1. proposed title;
  2. names, titles, affiliations, emails, and brief bio sketches of the point of contact for the
  3. names, titles, affiliations, emails, and brief bio sketches of person delivering the tutorial;
  4. preference for half- or full-day event (the latter requires a brief justification);
  5. course description with list of topics to be covered, along with a brief outline and important details; any innovative pedagogy employed; any hands-on participation, etc.;
  6. expected target audience, in terms of both composition and estimated number of
  7. list of citations and/or URLs to relevant publications and/or products by the organizers,
    and to other relevant related work;
  8. a description of how this proposal relates to tutorials/short courses appearing at ICPR
    (and also other major related conferences) within the last two edition;
  9. description of and/or links to any planned materials or resources to be distributed to

Proposal assessment

Each proposal will be assessed based on its scientific merit, proposed structure, overall
relevance, and how it complements the main conference.

Notification of acceptance will be given no later than May 1st, 2020.

ICPR 2020 will be responsible for:

  • providing a meeting venue with necessary technical equipment and catering services
    during the coffee breaks;
  • providing staff to help with the on-site organization;
  • advertising the event on the ICPR web site;
  • scheduling the event together with the organizers and including it in the conference program.

Organizers are responsible for:

  • publishing a webpage with information about the event and its program;
  • sending out a call for papers/contributions, as appropriate;
  • reviewing and selecting submitted papers, if applicable;
  • compiling and distributing notes to the participants;
  • inviting speakers and ensuring their participation, if applicable;
  • obtaining funding or sponsorship for any additional cost that may arise, e.g., for prizes or awards;
  • leading the event at ICPR2020.

Costs and terms

A registration fee will be set by ICPR 2020 to cover costs for meeting rooms, technical equipment and staff, catering services and other administrative costs.

The cost will be the same for all tutorials.

ICPR 2020 reserves the right to cancel any event if the above responsibilities are not fulfilled, if deadlines are missed, or if too few attendees register for the event to support its costs.

Organizers can apply for sponsorship for the event from the IAPR Conferences and Meetings Committee.

Without such sponsorship, the name and logo of IAPR cannot be used for the event.


ICPR 2020 Tutorial co-chairs:
Prof. Sudeep Sarkar. (sarkar AT usf.edu)
University of South Florida, Tampa, USA
Prof. Vittorio Murino (Vittorio.Murino AT iit.it)
University of Verona and Italian Institute of Technology, Italy