ICPR2020 Invited Keynote Speakers

Max Welling

Max Welling
University of Amsterdam and Qualcomm, NL

Equivariant graph neural networks and their applications



Mihaela van der Schaar

Mihaela van der Schaar
University of Cambridge, UK

AutoML and interpretability: powering the machine learning revolution in healthcare


Pietro Perona

Pietro Perona
Caltech – California Institute of Technology and Amazon Web Services, USA

Measuring algorithmic bias in face analysis — towards an experimental approach

David Doermann

David Doermann
University of Buffalo, USA

Document Integrity in an AI World

ICPR2020 Award Keynote Speakers
2020 King-Sun Fu Prize

Ching Yee Suen
Concordia University CA

From Handwriting to Human Personality and Facial Beauty

The citation for the prize is:

For pioneering research and exceptional contributions to handwriting recognition and document understanding in theory, practice, and education.”


2020 J. K. Aggarwal Prize

Abhinav Gupta
Carnegie Mellon University and Facebook AI Research, USA

Towards Self-supervised Curious Robots

The citation for the prize is:

For pioneering contributions to unsupervised and self-supervised learning in computer vision and robotics.”

2020 Maria Petrou Prize

Maja Pantic

Maja Pantic
Imperial College and Facebook Research, UK

Emotional AI, Faces & Deep Fakes

The citation for the prize is:

“For contributions to artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in computer vision and machine learning applied to automatic analysis of human faces, machine understanding of human behaviour, and multimodal recognition of human emotions.”