Presentation Title Presentation authors Affiliation
The EndoTect 2020 Challenge: Evaluation and Comparison of Classification, Segmentation and Inference Time for Endoscopy Steven A. Hicks, Debesh Jha, Vajira Thambawita, Pål Halvorsen, Hugo L. Hammer, and Michael A. Riegler Simula
A Hierarchical Multi-Task Approach to Gastrointestinal Image Analysis Adrian Galdran, Gustavo Carneiro, and Miguel A. Gonz´alez Ballester
Delving into High Quality Endoscopic Diagnoses Zhipeng Luo, Lixuan Che, and Jianye He
Medical Diagnostic by Data Bagging for Various Instances of Neural Network Zeshan Khan, Muhammad Usman Tariq Alvi, Muhammad Atif Tahir, and Shahbaz Memon
Hybrid Loss with Network Trimming for Disease Recognition in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Qi He, Sophia Bano, Danail Stoyanov, and Siyang Zuo
DDANet: Dual Decoder Attention Network for Automatic Polyp Segmentation Nikhil Kumar Tomar, Debesh Jha, Sharib Ali, Håvard D. Johansen, Dag Johansen, Michael A. Riegler, and Pål Halvorsen Simula
Efficient Detection of Lesions during Endoscopy Amartya Dutta, Rajat Kanti Bhattacharjee, and Ferdous Ahmed Barbhuiya