The top Conference in Pattern Recognition and a Team with a strong scientific qualification


ICPR2020    the International Conference on Pattern Recognition, is the flagship conference of IAPR the International Association of Pattern Recognition and the premiere conference in pattern recognition, including computer vision, image, sound, speech, sensor patterns processing and machine intelligence.

ICPR2020 is the 25th event of the series, so turning 50 years old since its beginning. ICPR 2020 will be a 6 days event, with Workshops, Tutorials, Main Conference Sessions, Demonstrations of research results, Scientific Competitions and Exhibits. It will gather the top researchers in the field worldwide and give to the attendees the opportunity to interact and nurture new ideas and collaborations.

The ICPR2020 Team

General Chairs

Rita Cucchiara | General chair
General chair

Rita Cucchiara
Univ. of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy

Alberto Del Bimbo | General chair
General chair

Alberto Del Bimbo
Univ. of Firenze, Italy

Stan Sclaroff| General chair
General chair

Stan Sclaroff
Boston Univ., USA

Program Chairs

Kim la Verne Boyer | Program Chair Coordinator
Program Chair Coordinator

Kim Boyer
Univ. of Albany, USA

Brian C. Lovell | Program chair
Program chair

Brian C. Lovell
Univ. of Queensland, Australia

Marcello Pelillo | Program chair
Program chair

Marcello Pelillo
Univ. of Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italy

Nicu Sebe | Program chair
Program chair

Nicu Sebe
Univ. of Trento, Italy

Rene Vidal | Program chair
Program chair

Rene Vidal
Johns Hopkins Univ., USA

Jingyi Yu | Program chair
Program chair

Jingyi Yu
Shanghai Tech Univ., China

Track Chairs

  1. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning for Pattern Analysis
    Ehsan Elhamifar (Northeastern Univ. USA)  Zhouchen Lin (Peking Univ., China),  Fabio Roli (Univ. of Cagliari, Italy), Marina Meila (Univ. of Washington, USA)
  2. Biometrics, Human Analysis and Behavior Understanding
    Octavia Camps (Northeastern Univ., USA), Stan Z. Li (Westlake University, China), Massimo Tistarelli (Univ. of Sassari, Italy), Yunhong Wang, (Beihang Univ. China)
  3. Computer Vision Robotics and Intelligent Systems
    Lale Akarun (Bogazici University, Turkey),  Luigi Di Stefano (Univ. of Bologna, Italy), Javier Ruiz-del-Solar (Univ. of Chile, Chile), Yoichi Sato (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
  4. Document and Media Analysis
    Simone Marinai (Univ. of Firenze, Italy), Kyong Mu Lee (Seoul National Univ., Korea), Elisa Ricci (Univ. of Trento, Italy), Cees Snoek, (Univ. of Amsterdam, The Netherlands),  Changsheng Xu (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
  5. Image and Signal Processing
    Sebastiano Battiato (Univ. of Catania, Italy), Andrea Cavallaro (Queen Mary Univ. of London, UK), Ana Fred  (Technical Univ. of Lisbon, Portugal),  Shiguang Shan (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

Tutorial Chairs

Vittorio Murino
Univ. of Verona, Italy

Sudeep Sarkar
Univ. of South Florida, USA

Challenge Chairs

Marco Bertini
Univ. of Firenze,  Italy

Hugo Jair Escalante
INAOE and CINVESTAV National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico

Women in ICPR Chairs

Alexandra Branzan Albu
Univ. of Victoria, Canada

Maria De Marsico
Univ. Roma La Sapienza, Italy

Special Issue initiative Chair

Michele Nappi
Univ. of Salerno, Italy

Web Chairs

Andrea Ferracani
Univ. of Firenze, Italy

Publication Chairs

Roberto Vezzani
Univ. of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy

Workshop Chairs

Giovanni Maria Farinella
Univ. of Catania, Italy

Tao Mei
JD.COM, China

Demo & Exhibit Chairs

Lorenzo Baraldi
Univ. Modena Reggio Emilia, Italy

Bruce A. Maxwell
Colby College, USA

Lorenzo Seidenari
Univ. of Firenze,  Italy

Corporate Relations Chairs

Corporate Relations Chair for Europe
Fabio Galasso
Univ. of Roma La Sapienza, Italy

Corporate Relations Chair for North America
Matt Leotta
Kitware, Inc. NY USA

Corporate Relations Chair for Asia
Zhongchao Shi
Lenovo Corporation

Local Chairs

Matteo Matteucci
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Paolo Napoletano
Univ. of Milano Bicocca, Italy

Financial Chairs

Cristiana Fiandra
The Office srl, Italy

Vittorio Murino
Univ. of Verona, Italy