Code Title Tutorialists duration
001 DeepFake generation and detection M. Niessner Technical University of Munich, D – L. Verdoliva Univ. Napoli Federico II, I Half day
002 Change and Anomaly Detection in Images, Signals and datastreams Giacomo Boracchi, Univ. Milano, I – Diego Carrera, ST Microelectronics, I Half day
003 Graph‐based Methods for Learning and Inference Problems in Pattern Analysis A. Robles-Kelly, CSIRO AU, F. Escolano, Univ. of Alicante, E Half day
004 Multiple Parametric Models Fitting L. Magri Politecnico Milano, I, D. Barath CMP, CZ, G. Xiao, E. Maset , A. Fusiello, Univ. Udine, I Half day
005 Cause-and-Effect in a Tensor Framework M. Alex, O. Vasilescu UCLA USA , I. Oseledets Skoltech RU Half day
006 Synchronization: a general framework for mosaicking, 3D reconstruction, matching and segmentation problems F. Arrigoni, E. Maset, A. Fusiello Univ. Udine, I, F. Bernard Univ. Trento, I Half day
007 Interactive Art and Pattern Recognition L. O’Gorman, Bell Labs, USA Half day
008 More than 20 years of High-Dynamic-Range imaging: history, state of the art, improvements and limits A. Rizzi, Politecnico Milano, I Half day