AI4Debunk project just launched Horizon Europe Programme

AI4Debunk is a four-year Innovation Action (IA) project, launched in January 2024 and funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe Programme.

AI4Debunk  project brings together an interdisciplinary consortium of 13 partners from 8 Countries towards a shared mission: to support trustworthy online activities by providing citizens with human-centered AI-powered tools to fight disinformation. In the project, MICC will work on the definition and development of AI-based solutions for images and videos deepfake detection

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3D & Mobile programming

Arnold Smeulders at MICC

Computer Vision in 2015

Lecture by Arnold Smeulders at MICC

Investigating Nuisance Factors in Face Recognition with DCNN Representation

Best Paper Award

Best Paper Award to our paper on "Face Recognition"

Hero for Florence

Hero for Florence

Homage to David: Saracino interprets Michelangelo