Computer Vision


Face Recognition and Body Re-identification in the Wild

funded by: Leonardo – Finmeccanica

FREEWAY is a technology transfer project in collaboration with the Italian multinational aerospace, defense and security company Finmeccanica. In this project MICC is transferring its know-how in state-of-the-art computer vision for face and full-body recognition and re-identification.

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People counting, flow analysis, smart mobility, social networking.

funded by: Regione Toscana

The goal of this project is to design and develop a framework for analysing, monitoring and connecting people in large facilities such as arenas, convention centers and stadiums. Here at MICC we are leading the computer vision tasks such as people detection, flow analysis and anomaly detection, and user profiling for social networking.

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Advanced multisensor automated parking management system for vast parking areas.

funded by: Regione Toscana

Modern large cities have a huge vehicular traffic. One of the most stressful, time-consuming and environmentally critical activity is parking. In this project partners concur to create a novel system that integrates multiple sensors, such as magnetic RFID sensors, infrared sensors and surveillance cameras in a system providing automatic parking ticketing and payment and visual surveillance to detect dangerous situations.

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E-health communication systems for Instructing and Monitoring patients: creation of 3D animations from medical instructions and automatic patient activity assessment.

funded by: Regione Toscana

The correct execution of instructions to patients is crucial for the success of the health care and a crucial step of the therapeutic alliance.
Everyday language is not sufficient to this end: the more that activities must be precisely defined the more language complexity grows.
The solution proposed in this project is to develop an e-health module, interoperable with different platforms, which exploits the communicative potential of 3D animation, videos, and computer vision, in giving and monitoring instructions.

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