Multi Channel-Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis for Cross-View Person Re-Identification

G. Lisanti, Svebor Karaman, Iacopo Masi

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Spatio-Temporal Closed-Loop Object Detection

Leonardo Galteri, Lorenzo Seidenari, Marco Bertini, Alberto Del Bimbo

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Automatic Image Annotation via Label Transfer in the Semantic Space

T. Uricchio, L. Ballan, L. Seidenari, A. Del Bimbo

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Spontaneous Expression Detection from 3D Dynamic Sequences by Analyzing Trajectories on Grassmann Manifolds

T. Alashkar, B. Ben Amor, M. Daoudi, Stefano Berretti

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Motion Segment Decomposition of RGB-D Sequences for Human Behavior Understanding

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A Multi-Camera Image Processing and Visualization System for Train Safety Assessment

G. Lisanti, Svebor Karaman, Daniele Pezzatini, A. Del Bimbo

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Media trustworthiness verification and event assessment through an integrated framework: a case-study

Irene Amerini, Rudy Becarelli, Roberto Caldelli, F.Brancati, G.Giunta, M. L.Itria

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Boosting 3D LBP-based Face Recognition by Fusing Shape and Texture Descriptors on the Mesh

N. Werghi, C. Tortorici, Stefano Berretti, Alberto Del Bimbo

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Robust smartphone fingerprint by mixing device sensors features for mobile strong authentication

Irene Amerini, Roberto Caldelli, Matteo Casini, P.Bestagini, L.Bondi, S.Tubaro

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Long Term Person Re-Identification from Depth Cameras using Facial and Skeleton Data

E. Bondi, Stefano Berretti, Pietro Pala, Lorenzo Seidenari, Alberto Del Bimbo

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SMARTVINO project: when wine can benefit from ICT

Andrea Del Mastio, Roberto Caldelli, Matteo Casini, M. Manetti

Wine Economics and Policy, 2016


Learning Shape Variations of Motion Trajectories for Gait Analysis

M. Devanne, H. Wannous, Stefano Berretti, Pietro Pala, M. Daoudi, Alberto Del Bimbo

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Continuous localization and mapping of a pan-tilt-zoom camera for wide area tracking

Giuseppe Lisanti, Federico Pernici, Alberto Del Bimbo, Iacopo Masi

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Knowledge Transfer for Scene-specific Motion Prediction

L. Ballan, F. Castaldo, A. Alahi, F. Palmieri, S. Savarese

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User Interest Profiling Using Tracking-Free Coarse Gaze Estimation

href="">Federico Bartoli, Giuseppe Lisanti, Lorenzo Seidenari, Alberto Del Bimbo

International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 2016

Socializing the Semantic Gap: A Comparative Survey on Image Tag Assignment, Refinement and Retrieval

X. Li, T. Uricchio, L. Ballan, M. Bertini, C. Snoek, and A. Del Bimbo

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Do Textual Descriptions Help Action Recognition?

Matteo Bruni, T. Uricchio, L. Seidenari, A. Del Bimbo

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Indexing Ensembles of Exemplar-SVMs with Rejecting Taxonomies

href="">Federico Becattini, Lorenzo Seidenari, Alberto Del Bimbo

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Segmentation Free Object Discovery in Video

Giovanni Cuffaro, Federico Becattini, Claudio Baecchi, Lorenzo Seidenari, Alberto Del Bimbo

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Bloom filters and compact hash codes for efficient and distributed image retrieval.

S. Ercoli, M. Bertini, A. Del Bimbo

Proc. of IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia (ISM), 2016

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