ICIAP2019 award Best Student Paper Honorable Mention

ICIAP 2019 “Best Student Paper Honorable Mention” award, Trento, 9-13 September, 2019

MICC publication titled “Domain Adaptation for Privacy-preserving  Pedestrian Detection in Thermal Imagery” presented at the ICIAP-  International  Conference on Image Analysis and Processing 2019, won the “Best Student
Paper Honorable Mention” award.

ICIAP 2019 is the 20th edition of a series of conferences organized biennially by the Italian Member Society (CVPL, ex GIRPR) of the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR).  The focus of the conference is on both classic and recent trends in computer vision, pattern recognition and image processing, and covers both theoretical and applicative aspects, with particular emphasis on the following topics:Video Analysis & Understanding, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Multiview Geometry and 3D Computer Vision, Image Analysis, Detection and Recognition, Multimedia, Biomedical  and Assistive Technology, Digital Forensics, Image Processing for Cultural Heritage.

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Stan Sclaroff

Lecture by Stan Sclaroff

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