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Federico Becattini

Federico Becattini is a PhD student in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition at the Media Integration and Communication Center (MICC) under the supervision of Prof. Alberto Del Bimbo.

Federico Becattini was born in Florence on November 25th, 1989. He received his Master’s Degree in computer engineering from the University of Florence in October 2014 with the thesis “Accelerating Exemplar-SVM label transfer”.

He has been interested in Computer Vision since his Master’s studies. During this period he took part as a volunteer at the 12th European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV 2012) in Florence, receiving a certificate of appreciation from the General Chairs Prof. Alberto Del Bimbo (University of Florence), Prof. Carlo Colombo (University of Florence) and Prof. Roberto Cipolla (University of Cambridge).

Currently he is working as a PhD student at the Media Integration and Communication Center (MICC) at the University of Florence, under the supervision of Prof. Alberto Del Bimbo, Ing. Lorenzo Seidenari and Prof. Marco Bertini.
His main research interest is on efficient machine learning techniques for object detection and semantic annotation, focusing on instance based object detectors.

Since the beginning of his PhD he took part as a teaching assistant in the Visual and Multimedia Recognition course (Prof. Alberto Del Bimbo, academic years 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/2017) and in the Parallel Computing course (Prof. Marco Bertini, academic year 2015/16), both at the University of Florence. He served to the scientific community as a reviewer for the scientific journals Pattern Analysis and Applications (PAAA) and Multimedia Tools and Applications (MTAP).

In 2015 and 2016 he attended the International Computer Vision Summer School (ICVSS) in Sicily, Italy, directed by Prof. Roberto Cipolla (University of Cambridge), Prof. Sebastiano Battiato (University of Catania) and Prof. Giovanni Maria Farinella (University of Catania).

Semantic Road Layout Understanding by Generative Adversarial Inpainting

L. Berlincioni, F. Becattini, L. Galteri, L. Seidenari, A. Del Bimbo

Chapter in The Springer Series on Challenges in Machine Learning, "Inpainting and Denoising challenges"

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