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Francesco Turchini

Francesco Turchini is currently a researcher at MICC, University of Florence.

Francesco Turchini was born in Florence on December 25th, 1984. He received his bachelor degree in computer engineering from the University of Florence in 2009 and his master degree cum laude in computer engineering from the University of Florence in 2013 with his thesis “Fisher Feature Fusion Forests for visual object recognition” in collaboration with Claudio Baecchi.

He earned his PhD in 2017 with the PhD thesis “Feature aggregation algorithms for concept recognition”. Since then, he worked as researcher at Media Integration and Communication Center, University of Florence, with main focus on pattern recognition and machine learning for image categorization and video processing, and specifically on action recognition and anomaly detection for video surveillance and sports video analysis tasks.

He took part as a teaching assistant in the Parallel Computing course (Prof. Marco Bertini, academic year 2015/16) and Visual and Multimedia Recognition course (Prof. Alberto Del Bimbo, academic year 2016/17).

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