IDEHA Innovation for Data Elaboration in Heritage and Arts

Nov 2018 – Apr 2021
Funded by: MIUR – PON | CNR
IDEHA will create an open IT platform for Cultural Heritage, combining both digital content from traditional repositories and information generated in real time by users or environmental sensors; aggregating, processing and understanding the data by utilizing new learning technologies to build services that can be used by different users profiled through specific multimodal applications.

IDEHA will explore the opportunities offered by the most innovative ICT research results in the field of Cultural Heritage. IDEHA will pursue this goal by creating research prototypes on key strategic issues of current ICT development trends so that they are State-of-Art, and then experimenting and adjusting them in real contexts, with applications spanning different aspects of cultural heritage such as archaeological sites, monuments, traditions and typical food, all united by historical and cultural values and tourist interest, as well as the different possible functions such as conservation, monitoring, visitor experience. Unlike other research projects already completed, IDEHA aims to use advanced ICT solutions to ensure controlled management of the property and at the same time enhance the observed aspect of tourism, namely to encourage the discovery of new, additional dimensions and opportunities of enjoyment and satisfaction of touristic and cultural experience.

The application of ICT to cultural assets can make all this possible. It can make the research, dissemination and sharing of content easier, as well as help understanding cultural items and the logical links between works and places, drive emotions. Moreover, to allow new forms of interaction between tourists and places, visitors and works, to overcome physical or cognitive obstacles, and to create social relations between users who share common interests.

By overcoming paradigms of passive enjoyment of what you already know (such as visits to the great museums to see only the most famous works of art), IDEHA wants to facilitate the understanding of the historical-cultural context of a work, a property or a site, making visible what is not visible, or not anymore available in space and time, or of what is less known of our Cultural Heritage. The ultimate objective is to integrate the classic enjoyment of beauty and culture, the knowledge of humankind, the history of local traditions, food, customs, through new tools and new services to demonstrate the goals of the Strategic Tourism Plan (PST), which aims to create a single homogeneous vision that integrates Tourism and Culture in the social economy of our country.

In the framework of the project,  MICC will investigate the potential benefits by using  ICT and a sensors-network in a vineyards, a demo-ethno anthropological Tuscany site,  located in Montalcino (SI) in order  to preserve and valorize the cultural tradition and site.

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