SMARTVINO Multimedia information on wine through smart-labels


The basic idea of SMARTVINO is to develop a simple application for wine consumers, to let them access a number of detailed information concerning the wine they are enjoying or buying. The consumer has only to catch a photo of the winemaker’s logo on the wine (smart-)label, through his own smartphone, to be linked to a number of customized contents. The Agricultural Holding Montevertine is the partner of the project devoted to the contents analysis and definition for the app.

The SMARTVINO project aims to study and develop a technological application to increase the value of wine, by exploiting its connection with landscape, culture and history of the Tuscany Region. The application will be able to convey to consumers some specific and customized information concerning the wine bottle they are holding, in a very simple and attractive way. The basic idea is to let the user take a photo, through a smartphone, of the winemaker’s logo on the wine label: the application will instantly link the user to lots of contents, such as wine production process, the vine variety, the vineyards’ location, where it is offered and sold, for which food it is suggested, and more. The application will be also useful for the traceability of the product, which is a fundamental aspect in the food field, in a way to guarantee the consumer about the production chain and the winemaker. Contents can be different from smart-label to smart-label, and they will be images, web pages, videos, and everything the winemaker wants to share with his customers.

Smartvino App

Smartvino App


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