Start Cup Toscana 2019 the 2nd winner is
Small Pixels

Small Pixels is the 2nd winner of Start Cup Toscana 2019

Small Pixel Team,  a group of MICC researchers and professors,  won the second place at Start Cup Toscana 2019, the regional phase of the National Innovation Award, which took place in Pisa and was attended by ten teams from Tuscan universities.

Small Pixel:
an algorithm allows high-quality videos to be viewed in highly compressed format, improving the user experience and reducing the costs of managing and transmitting streaming services and video conference systems.

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Wolmer Bigi, Claudio Baecchi, Alberto Del Bimbo, Automatic Interest Recognition from Posture and Behaviour

ACM MM 2020 Paper

Interest Recognition from Posture and Behaviour

Hero for Florence

Hero for Florence

Homage to David: Saracino interprets Michelangelo

Marco Bertini

New MICC Director

Marco Bertini is the new MICC Director