Alberto Del Bimbo Multimedia and Computer Vision

Alberto Del Bimbo

Alberto del Bimbo is Professor of Computer Engineering at the Department of Information Engineering, University of Firenze and Director of MICC Media Integration and Communication Center, University of Firenze.

Prof. Alberto del Bimbo leads research at MICC, Media Integration and Communication Center of University of Firenze, on cutting-edge solutions in the fields of Artificial Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Multimedia, Multimodal Interactivity assisted by computer vision.

The main applications fields in his research include digital libraries and cultural heritage, user enhanced and personalized interactivity, smart environments, surveillance and monitoring, and industry automation.

Prof. Del Bimbo has worked actively over 20 years in tracking and surveillance applications and more in general in industrial applications with important collaborations with national and international companies, such as Leonardo SpA, Panasonic Singapore, Thales Italia and the US IARPA agency, just to cite the most recent and ongoing collaborations.

Prof. Del Bimbo published about 400 refereed research papers in the most prestigeous scientific Journals and Conference Proceedings. The list of publication is available at [Del Bimbo Alberto]

Deep Universal Generative Adversarial Compression Artifact Removal

L. Galteri, L. Seidenari, M. Bertini, A. Del Bimbo

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Extended YouTube Faces: a Dataset for Heterogeneous Open-Set Face Identification

C. Ferrari, S. Berretti, A. Del Bimbo

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Investigating nuisances in DCNN-based face recognition

C. Ferrari, G. Lisanti, S. Berretti, A. Del Bimbo

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing

Learning 3DMM Deformation Coefficients for Rendering Realistic Expression Images

C. Ferrari, S. Berretti, P. Pala, A. Del Bimbo

International Conference on Smart Multimedia

Semantic Road Layout Understanding by Generative Adversarial Inpainting

L. Berlincioni, F. Becattini, L. Galteri, L. Seidenari, A. Del Bimbo

Chapter in The Springer Series on Challenges in Machine Learning, "Inpainting and Denoising challenges"