Advanced Web Applications

Panoramic navigation

A web-based immersive walkthrough

Commonly, immersive and virtual reality systems simulate virtual environments exploiting 3D computer graphics. But the excessive complexity of the models and an high rendering quality can compromise system performance, especially in a web environment.

Considered these issues, this project targets the design of a vision based approach which allows a user to virtually navigate a real cultural environment using panoramic images.

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Revealing the Pulse of Cities

LiveCities is a web application designed adopting new information visualisations paradigms in order to easily get cities’ insights. Recommendation of city zones and venues close to user’s interests, based on semi-automatic user profiling, is also provided exploiting semantic similarity algorithms. Results, validated by a case study on the city of Florence (Italy) through an online questionnaire filled out by residents, show that our feature performs better than traditional approaches.

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A System for Video Recommendation using Visual Saliency, Crowdsourced and Automatic Annotations

Intime is a system for content-based video recommendation that exploits visual saliency along with crowdsourced and automatic annotations
to better represent video features and content. Visual saliency is used to select relevant frames to be presented in a web-based interface to tag and annotate video frames in a social network; it is also employed to summarize video content to create a more effective video representation used in the recommender system. The system exploits automatic annotations from CNN-based classifiers on salient frames and user generated annotations.

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Firenze Card

Mobile app for museum presentation

The Firenze Card Project project is a one-year project focusing on the design and development of a mobile web application for museum and cultural heritage contents presentation.

The navigation system was integrated with advanced recommendations designed to enhance the user’s visit.

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