NEMECH Opening New Media for Cultural Heritage Center Opens

MEMECH - New Media for Cultural Heritage

On Wednesday July 22, 2015 in Florence, at the glazed hall of Le Murate, Piazza Madonna della Neve, will be launched the activities of the Competence Centre NEMECH – New Media for Cultural Heritage, established by the Region of Tuscany in the program of actions aimed at strengthening the regional system of technology transfer.

NEMECH activities are synergic with the Culture Plan of the Region of Tuscany, Tuscan PRS 2011-2015 and have as goals the study and application of multimedia and information technologies to the documentation and promotion of cultural heritage and landscape, the experimenting of new and improved ways of using, and the promotion and qualification of cultural heritage and related activities.

The Centre features scientific and technological expertise of researchers from the Departments of the Humanistic and Technological areas of the University of Florence and of international experts and develop innovative projects with institutions and companies.

During the event on July 22, there will be presentations by representatives of institutions and professionals in the field and will be shown systems and projects already implemented by the Centre.

Glazed Hall at Le MURATE Piazza Madonna della Neve, FIRENZE
9.30-10.00 Introductory remarks

  • The Nemech centre – Prof. Alberto Del Bimbo, Prof. Grazia Tucci, Univ. Firenze
  • Institutional Greeting – Prof. Alberto Tesi, Rettore Univ. Firenze, Dott. Eugenio Giani, Presidente Consiglio Regione Toscana

10.00-11.00 Invited Relations

  • New Media for Cultural Heritage – Dott. Carlo Francini Ufficio UNESCO Comune Firenze
  • Cultural Heritage Economy – Prof. Marco Bellandi, Univ. di Firenze
  • Communication for Cultural Heritage – Dott. Eugenia Romanelli, Journalist

Coffee break
11.15-12.35 Invited Relations

  • Lifelong learning and active experience – Dott. Margherita Sani, Istituto Beni Culturali Bologna, Executive Board NEMO – Network of European Museum Organisations
  • Virtual museums and repositories – Prof. Herbert Maschner, Idaho State University, USA
  • Advanced ICT projects in Cultural Heritage – Prof. Rita Cucchiara, Univ. Modena e Reggio Emilia
  • The Social Museum and Smart Tourism MIUR Cluster project – Dott. Francesca Giappicucci VITROCISET SpA

Short break
12.40 -14.30 Session Demo
Buffet lunch, meeting with speakers and session demos

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