Web and Multimedia

Web and Multimedia Team

Rich Internet Applications for collective intelligence

The research is mainly conducted in Lab 2. The goal is to design and develop Rich and Intelligent Internet Applications, desktop and mobile, exploiting the possibilities of machine learning on big data, collective intelligence, user profiling and sensor information.

The team is composed by: Roberto Caldelli, Andrea Ferracani, Andrea Del Mastio, Daniele Pezzatini, Paolo Mazzanti, Giuseppe Becchi.

My Smart Mate

Smart audio guide

My Travel Mate is a smart audio guide that automatically provides the user information about the surrounding environment. The system, without any user interaction, builds a point of interest database exploiting Wikipedia and Google APIs as source. It leverages a computer vision system, to overcome the likely sensor limitations, and determines if the user is facing a certain landmark. After having automatically obtained information on the detected interest point, the guide presents audio description at the most appropriate moment, using text-to-speech augmenting the experience.

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Using the smartphone accelerometer to access secure services

funded by: Fondazione CRF

The authentication phase for access to a secure service (home-banking) is based on the paradigm “what you know, what you have, what you are”. The project is part of this paradigm, focusing on the requirement of “what you have”, proposing a solution that exploits the distinctive intrinsic characteristics of the smartphone’s accelerometer sensor, which everyone always carries on, for the specific recognition of the user in transparent mode.

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Machine learning based services for harvesting multimedia documents to support low-cost video post-production and cross-media storytelling

CultMEDIA. Project co-financed by Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca
The CultMEDIA project aims at facilitating the developing of audio-visual and transmedia storytelling by optimizing costs and complexity of cultural media production.

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Tuscany Opera Search

TOP. Project co-financed by Regione Toscana
The aim of the TOP project is to create a software solution that allows to aggregate in a central database the bibliographic data of the catalogs of the Tuscan library networks.

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