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TOP. Project co-financed by Regione Toscana
The aim of the TOP project is to create a software solution that allows to aggregate in a central database the bibliographic data of the catalogs of the Tuscan library networks.

The system will re-elaborate and expose them on the web according to the LOD (Linked Open Data) paradigm and web semantic, exploiting the database also for the implementation of a web based search engine. The solution will take also into account the development of a possible future integration with the archival and museum data.

The TOP project foresees the following activities: 1) aggregation and standardization of bibliographic data from the catalogs provided by the regional libraries in a single central database; 2) elaboration and extraction of aggregated data to be saved in the central database according to the LOD philosophy and the semantic web; 3) connection and enrichment of the information contained in the catalogs of libraries also from external sources; 4) creation of a dedicated portal with innovative research functions on bibliographic records and data aggregated present in the central database; 5) a feasibility study for the implementation of innovative services.

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