Natural Interaction


An exhibit for virtual reconstruction

Onna, a little town near to L’Aquila (Italy), was almost completely destroyed by the earth-quake of April 2009.

We developed a smart environment in which visitors can interact with a natural interface system discovering information about the disaster and the local history via multimedia contents.

Visitors are detected through the adoption of an RFID-based technology, which allows to store their interaction history and build an interest profile used to enrich the experience.

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Innovation for community health

RIS project aims to increase the research and design of innovative products in order to facilitate the evolutionary process taking place in health care.

Scientific community is gradually moving the direction of intervention from the hospital to the territory and from the reactive to the proactive medicine, identifying the spread of advanced tools for the collection and processing of health information as a key enabler for the provision of new services.

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Research of Simulation Models

The RIMSI project, funded by Regione Toscana, includes study, experimentation and development of a protocol for the validation of procedures and implementation of a prototype multimedia software system to improve protocols and training in emergency medicine through the use of interactive simulation techniques.

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Itinerary personalization for tourism

Smart tourism in cities of art is a personalized user experience that exploits smart city infrastructures to offer increased opportunities of visit,services and time optimization.
An effective framework for smart tourism should offer the possibility of an easy definition of individual user visit and should offer to each user the capability of making changes or updates to his/her visit plan during the sightseeing.
According to this We present the prototype of a framework where different devices are used for the definition and modification of a personalized sightseeing.

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