TESEO Advanced multisensor automated parking management system for vast parking areas.

funded by: Regione Toscana

Modern large cities have a huge vehicular traffic. One of the most stressful, time-consuming and environmentally critical activity is parking. In this project partners concur to create a novel system that integrates multiple sensors, such as magnetic RFID sensors, infrared sensors and surveillance cameras in a system providing automatic parking ticketing and payment and visual surveillance to detect dangerous situations.

In this project MICC is involved for developing the visual surveillance and camera management system. We developed three core algorithms to make the system deployable in the wild.

  1. Camera stabilization: to allow the system to work even on high-pole fixed cameras subject to wind and possibly hit by external objects;
  2. Object detection and tracking system: localizing every moving object in the parking area, classifying the object as a vehicle, person or other and obtaining a precise real-world trajectory;
  3. Anomaly detection module: exploiting local trajectories and feature to understand if a statistically unlikely pattern is happening in the scene.

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