Alberto Del Bimbo, MICC DirectorDirector: the MICC center is headed by prof. Alberto Del Bimbo, Professor of Computer Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Firenze.

The Media Integration and Communication Center (MICC) was established by the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research at the University of Florence in 2001 as a Center of Excellence in the area of new media.

The MICC works as an interdisciplinary center for advanced research in the fields of processing, interpretation, transmission of images and video, multimedia technologies, telecommunications and for the studies concerning the evolution of legal regulations kept up with the innovations of technology and the Internet.

The center cooperates with national and international universities, research institutions, companies and high-level education, like the Master in Multimedia Content Design of the University of Florence.

It organizes also events and conferences of international importance like ACM Multimedia 2010 and, lately, ECCV 2012.

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