Reading of electronic health records through the electronic health card

Roberto Caldelli will present an application for digital terrestrial television, which allows a user, in possession of the electronic health card (CSE) of the Region of Tuscany, to consult with their Electronic Health Record (ESF) on TV at home. The identity of the user, owner of the CSE, is ensured through a process of client authentication, defined by the Tuscany Region, based on a protocol which provides for asymmetric encryption, HTTPS connection and X509 certificates.

Roberto Caldelli

Roberto Caldelli

The application allows to view personal health information in a simple and immediate manner, without the need to provide a smart-card reader and having to install special libraries.

This application is a sample implementation for the supply of value-added services through a strong authentication technique, which can be used in other application scenarios that need to provide, safely, personal information.

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